December 6th 2017


Last night was a restless sleep, intense dreams, tossing and turning. ūüėĎ
The one card that I pulled for the collective was respect your boundaries. The other two, one flew out, the other I drew for myself. Felt the need to have all 3 come into this reading for YOU.
So I share my thoughts about today’s energy, we can all feel this world begin to drastically shift, we’ve been waiting for it, working towards it and now it’s here. The more we go internally the more it’s preparing us to was is to come. We are the new map makers, share your thoughts of how you want this new world to be, surrender to what is to come, all while respecting your boundaries.
I wish to share my dreams, I have different dreams that all relate to me warding off ‚Äúevil spirits‚ÄĚ they push their fear into me to feed on me but instead I push with love, breathe and feel myself drop into my center, my Divinity, and then the dream stops. How can I/you bring that into this physical realm?
How can you share your thoughts of pushing love to those countries, to those in power who need it most. ūüĆüToday journal to Spirit, your dreams about how you wish to see this new world come about. Blessings everyone ‚ú® I love you


November 25th 2017


We are going through some tough lessons, especially over the past few weeks, or more like this whole year. These lessons are teaching us to become more balanced in everything we do, think, share, connect, eat, sleep, all the things. Today reflect on your year, feel how far you have come and see the balance that has been created up until this moment. We are all beginning to realize our passions, what makes our souls set on fire and following that heart space desire. We need you to become your true higher selves to bring more balance to this world. So when you are in a stagnant, “stuck” moment, find the lesson, see where you can bring more balance into your thoughts. Take a step back, change your perspective and seek the lesson that is being presented before you. Ask, what is my lesson? All things change, all things will pass only if you allow it, when you realize your passion and are a balanced observer. I love you.

Words Can Be Your Strongest Tool

Mindset concept in tag cloud

Words are incredibly powerful. You know that saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me?” Well think about a time where you were called a name or someone told you something about yourself that was painful, you still can reflect back on how you felt. You felt terrible, and in some ways you are still hurting from that. So in reality words can actually break someone. If you can feel how powerful those words were, then start to think about how powerful words can be. They shape our thoughts, our reality and can even change people’s ways of thinking through memorable speeches that we have witnessed over the past.

We are habitual beings and have been programmed to think a certain way. So for instance when you think about something over and over again throughout your day, you’re creating more of that problem or solution. How about if you switched that thought of, “Oh I can’t do this. I’m stressed. I don’t have enough time,” to “I have the power to do this. Everything will get easier. I have more than enough time.” This creates a new neural pathway for your brain to receive information thus creating a new pattern, a new vibration, and a positive outlook in your life. For me this has been such an incredible discovery and makes “magic” actually feel real!

For me personally when I started to realize how impactful my words were, my¬†reality completely shifted.I read the book Positive Magic by Marion Weinstein that helped me understand this “magic.” I began to create affirmations for myself, writing down lists about the things I wanted to accomplish but stated them as if they have already happened. It’s another way of practicing Law of Attraction, claiming to the universe that this is your vibration so that it reciprocates that vibration.

One of my favorite affirmations or claims I say, especially in a moment of gratitude is “I LOVE MY LIFE,” and boy does the universe match that vibration of excitement! I began to receive more surprises, adventures, gifts and expansion of my thoughts. So take the time out of your day to just write down a few things you want in your life and rewrite them to say that you already have them. I guarantee something will shift in your life.

I love my life! I am a professional healer! I am teacher! I  am a filmmaker! I am prosperous!


Crystal Grids

img_5210Taking the time to be with myself has brought me to creating more crystal grids. I used to run around everywhere thinking I had to be somewhere and get something done. My energy was spread out!

After I learned that I needed to slow down, the creative flow for me has been amplified because now I am giving myself time and energy.

The connection to crystals usually starts off slow, subtle energy differences and once you begin to open yourself up to feeling more…WOAH! Sometimes crystals give me a rush of energy, a zap and can at times feel like a warm hug of energy surrounding me.

Putting the intention of creating an energy with crystals amplifies your effort to heal something. In creating one the most utilized crystals are the clear quartz due to its unlimited amount of programming energy. I suggest quite of few of these on hand and then begin to think of what energy you would like to bring in. If it’s love, grab a few rose quartz or heart centered stones. For this grid above I am healing and bringing in all different aspects of my life and because of my connection to crystals after years of working with them they kind of jumped out at me asking to work with me to bring this energy into my life.

Doing this practice also grounds someone, meaning they feel more trusting, secure, rooted to Mama Earth. This is something that I definitely needed and since it’s pouring outside I thought this would be a great thing for me to do.

Enjoy your time with yourself and your connection to the energies around you!

The Break

IMG_5745                                                                               Sedona, AZ

The Labyrinth will take you down different paths but will always lead you to an answer.

Definition a :  a place constructed of or full of intricate passageways and blind alleys           b :  a maze (as in a garden) formed by paths separated by high hedges                                         c : something extremely complex or tortuous in structure, arrangement, or character

I believe the labyrinth is the rollercoaster we call life. The ups and downs, the twirls and whirls, and even the pauses and breaks. Taking a break to slow down , reflect and see what needs to reworked.

My physical being slowed down for sure. Making it a little depressing since I stopped having that fire that was under me brewing. I wanted to keep going and thought I had my passion in healing, which I still do but needed this break to realize I needed to create my own way of healing. To give birth to a new way of healing and introduce the knowledge that I gathered over the past couple of months. For myself and possibly others, being a Reiki Master you are allowed to receive guidance to create different types of healing. My authentic self is the one that needed to take over and keep that fire aflame.

So I asked my guides and the universe what do I do. There was something missing in my healings, even my students and clients took a break. What was happening?

It was because I needed to get in tune with my sensual side. NOT sexual. Sensual is how you express your sexuality and that was the missing link. I recently broke up with my boyfriend whom I still love and respect but I needed to express myself in a deeper way. Because I had all this time by myself, I started to feel what my sacral chakra needed. It needed to be healed in this lifetime and many other lifetimes.

Little by little I began to bring into the light (which is bringing knowledge to the dark/shadow) what was not being acknowledged. It all made sense because my need for creativity was stagnant. I had no energy towards creating my jewelry or even working on my website. As I began to shed my layers I was led to one of the most beautiful, inspirational, and loving festivals I have ever been to. And I have been to quite a few. Lucidity was calling my name.

Lucidity festival woke me up in so many ways to my passion. I met this incredible woman, Tara, who had awoken my sensuality on the dance floor. Dancing is how many of us release and express ourselves. My sensual expression was protected, encouraged, and healing as Tara and our sisters held space for each other on the dance floor.  I never felt so free in my entire life! The whole experience there was just a shedding of fears and limitations that I created for myself. No more! I am free!The connections made, the synchronicities, and the conversations kept me high for weeks! I can still feel it tingling throughout my body still.

Ever since I came back my life is back on FIRE! Feeling so inspired to get things accomplished and ready to share my knowledge.

If you feel like your path is on a pause, just remember it’s a break for you to rebuild your fire into some massive flames! Those breaks are there for you to heal and take time with yourself. We have to heal ourselves before we can heal others.

Much love!



My Battle With Acne


Acne is a result of self-dislike. A person who gives so much love and doesn’t remember to give back to themselves. This is what I had to face. I truly am grateful for the experience because it helped me go deeper into meditations¬†to find out more about myself and accept/honor those dark parts.

I had great skin throughout high school and soon as I hit 19, that’s when it all changed. I began getting cystic acne¬†and have battling it ever since. ProActive was good for only about a year, then I went through at least 20 or more different products trying to find the solution. Nothing worked.

This past year, 2015, it was the worst it had ever gotten. I began to doubt myself even more, that no one would want to get to know me because of my acne. But what I didn’t know, until I started working in meditations, it was to help me realize many things about myself I needed to change. It was showing up literally right in front of my face! I began to change my diet, taking out all gluten products and stopped eating meat. It helped a bit, but still it was there. Until I began my shadow self and self love meditations. Every day when I looked in the mirror I said to myself, “You have a warm smile, sparking eyes, and I am valuable.” That empowered me and my imperfections. It is what makes me unique, there is no one else on this planet like me!

Everything began to change, I cut out processed sugars, started using Dr.Bronner’s Castile Soap, Frankincense¬†to help my scars along with rosehip oil and vitamin E, tea tree oil to spot treat, and thats now my daily regime. I started using a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water placing it in a small mason jar to use for my toner and that works wonders! I mean, I do like sugars now and then so for when those times come that’s when all those things work for me.

Everyone is different, find your way, find yourself, and most important of all LOVE YOURSELF no matter what you look like because there is no one else like YOU!