The Journey Begins With Water

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 3.13.38 PM.pngLiving Water. Spring Water. Something that we all should have available to us freely but now with all these claims and branding of water it’s hard to tell what is the best water.

Alkaline is becoming a popular term that is high in PH, meaning more oxygen in your body and healthier red blood cells. So I began to drink alkaline water to feel more hydrated, clean and more energized.  What I recently found out is that this still not the highest potential for us to receive the most benefit from water.

Water is a whole other topic to talk about that has so many facets to it. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

This is about my health.

Growing up in a pacific islander culture home in California I learned to eat rice with everything. My family isn’t in the greatest health, but they just followed what they knew. Now with all this information and this health craze (a wonderful thing it is) we all started to be more aware of what we eat. I chose to go down a very western way and started to add in all these supplements because I thought, “this is what my body needs and i’m missing this.” So over the years I began to gather so, so many supplements that I’m still trying to use them all up. There’s always something new that comes up so it kept adding to the supplement list of things “I should take to keep me healthy.”

What I didn’t realize was the water. Until I kept asking the Universe for guidance to my next step in health. I have always felt groggy, the old brain fog, sluggish, ups and downs of energy, hit the snooze button at least 5 times, difficult to go to the gym, etc.


The Universe provided, Kangen water. Yes I’ve heard of it before and didn’t pay attention until a group of distant friends that all have the machine, started coming into my life more often. I felt called to them, they felt high vibe and I felt like since I’ve been doing the work on myself they must have too. So after a few months something in me said just do it, get the machine. My friend Jilly was about to sign me up and for a split second I hesitated, thank goodness my intuition perked up and said DO IT. I had to do this for myself. That deep knowing, I couldn’t shut it out.

Thank goodness! After just a few weeks with my machine, CLARITY, ENERGY, MOTIVATION, SELF LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, EMOTIONS, WEIGHT RELEASE.

So that brings me to this beginning of documenting my journey with this water, how I feel, my emotions, and the insane amount of clarity and ambition.





Body Awareness

Asking your body what you need is the most important step into creating an overall healthy life style. Being aware of the connection you have with yourself can develop a better relationship with not only yourself but others as well.

As my Body evolves so do my thoughts

Getting more in tune with myself and nature I find myself working harder whenever I’m surrounded by nature. I also begin to tune into the question of why comparing? Why does comparison happen at almost every moment? I want to be more in the now and acceptance of how I am thus far.
At the gym I feel more of the masculine energy especially since there is metal everywhere and i’m surrounded by men looking at themselves. When I workout in nature I feel more connected to my body. I also have more exploration of thoughts when I’m out there.
Finding the balance and giving my body what it needs is the most important thing to me right now so here is ME and another one of my expressions.

The Break

IMG_5745                                                                               Sedona, AZ

The Labyrinth will take you down different paths but will always lead you to an answer.

Definition a :  a place constructed of or full of intricate passageways and blind alleys           b :  a maze (as in a garden) formed by paths separated by high hedges                                         c : something extremely complex or tortuous in structure, arrangement, or character

I believe the labyrinth is the rollercoaster we call life. The ups and downs, the twirls and whirls, and even the pauses and breaks. Taking a break to slow down , reflect and see what needs to reworked.

My physical being slowed down for sure. Making it a little depressing since I stopped having that fire that was under me brewing. I wanted to keep going and thought I had my passion in healing, which I still do but needed this break to realize I needed to create my own way of healing. To give birth to a new way of healing and introduce the knowledge that I gathered over the past couple of months. For myself and possibly others, being a Reiki Master you are allowed to receive guidance to create different types of healing. My authentic self is the one that needed to take over and keep that fire aflame.

So I asked my guides and the universe what do I do. There was something missing in my healings, even my students and clients took a break. What was happening?

It was because I needed to get in tune with my sensual side. NOT sexual. Sensual is how you express your sexuality and that was the missing link. I recently broke up with my boyfriend whom I still love and respect but I needed to express myself in a deeper way. Because I had all this time by myself, I started to feel what my sacral chakra needed. It needed to be healed in this lifetime and many other lifetimes.

Little by little I began to bring into the light (which is bringing knowledge to the dark/shadow) what was not being acknowledged. It all made sense because my need for creativity was stagnant. I had no energy towards creating my jewelry or even working on my website. As I began to shed my layers I was led to one of the most beautiful, inspirational, and loving festivals I have ever been to. And I have been to quite a few. Lucidity was calling my name.

Lucidity festival woke me up in so many ways to my passion. I met this incredible woman, Tara, who had awoken my sensuality on the dance floor. Dancing is how many of us release and express ourselves. My sensual expression was protected, encouraged, and healing as Tara and our sisters held space for each other on the dance floor.  I never felt so free in my entire life! The whole experience there was just a shedding of fears and limitations that I created for myself. No more! I am free!The connections made, the synchronicities, and the conversations kept me high for weeks! I can still feel it tingling throughout my body still.

Ever since I came back my life is back on FIRE! Feeling so inspired to get things accomplished and ready to share my knowledge.

If you feel like your path is on a pause, just remember it’s a break for you to rebuild your fire into some massive flames! Those breaks are there for you to heal and take time with yourself. We have to heal ourselves before we can heal others.

Much love!



My Battle With Acne


Acne is a result of self-dislike. A person who gives so much love and doesn’t remember to give back to themselves. This is what I had to face. I truly am grateful for the experience because it helped me go deeper into meditations to find out more about myself and accept/honor those dark parts.

I had great skin throughout high school and soon as I hit 19, that’s when it all changed. I began getting cystic acne and have battling it ever since. ProActive was good for only about a year, then I went through at least 20 or more different products trying to find the solution. Nothing worked.

This past year, 2015, it was the worst it had ever gotten. I began to doubt myself even more, that no one would want to get to know me because of my acne. But what I didn’t know, until I started working in meditations, it was to help me realize many things about myself I needed to change. It was showing up literally right in front of my face! I began to change my diet, taking out all gluten products and stopped eating meat. It helped a bit, but still it was there. Until I began my shadow self and self love meditations. Every day when I looked in the mirror I said to myself, “You have a warm smile, sparking eyes, and I am valuable.” That empowered me and my imperfections. It is what makes me unique, there is no one else on this planet like me!

Everything began to change, I cut out processed sugars, started using Dr.Bronner’s Castile Soap, Frankincense to help my scars along with rosehip oil and vitamin E, tea tree oil to spot treat, and thats now my daily regime. I started using a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water placing it in a small mason jar to use for my toner and that works wonders! I mean, I do like sugars now and then so for when those times come that’s when all those things work for me.

Everyone is different, find your way, find yourself, and most important of all LOVE YOURSELF no matter what you look like because there is no one else like YOU!



Healing Baths


Recently I got into taking epsom salt baths due to my sciatic pain. Being a healer, the magnesium and other benefits from the salt detox me of any unwanted energy latched on to me. As I let the water run I put my intentions of letting go of anything that is not serving me. I light a candle, incense, drop of few essential oils in the water and put on a mediation to help me heal.

One thing that is very important is that you thank the water and tell it to give love to everything it comes by. Like Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiment ( where water is influenced and takes on any energy it comes across. We need to heal our relationship to water and connect more rather than let it dry up like we see in the world today.

Recently I came across this amazing website and it had the idea of creating bath teas that can help along with the healing bath waters you can create.

Heal on you lovers!