Self Love

As I move through self love this month I realized how much I was giving away my love and not giving it back to myself. I was in a situation where I had to ask myself “Where can I love myself more?”

When those times come up for me where I want attention I now create new activities of self love for myself.

Making a Move

After going on a trip to Palm Springs by myself I had realizations and information continuously being moved through me.

It’s so important to have those times with yourself at least for me to understand the thoughts that are coming to me. I began to realize that I need to stop hiding and worrying about what others might think of my thoughts. If I am a pure expression of Spirit (God, Source, Universe, etc) then I should have no shame in expanding my expression to others. To help others realize their full potential.

I ask the universe to be spiritual teacher some day and my message was so clear when I was with myself…to share my knowledge!

So now here I am, my full authentic self. Letting go of the outcome and expressing my thoughts. As long as someone thinks it’s valuable in thier own truths, even if that someone is me then let me continue to expand myself and others.


Changing your vibration

raise your vibration.jpg


My root chakra was in need of rebalancing, it’s the space of feeling secure, grounded, your material aspects, your home etc.  When you begin to pay attention to certain chakras thoughts will begin to pop up. After getting my new car, a flying object hit and cracked my windshield. So I began to ask why is this happening? Then everything started hitting me at once my student loans coming in, my debts that are needing to be paid off and the parking ticket I got over the weekend. So tuning in, sending Reiki to my root chakra, I began to resurface thoughts of negativity. Even though I feel that other aspects of my life are positive I realized how unsafe I felt. I began to worry more about my car, maybe someone might steal it, another accident would happen….

A car can be a symbol of your own vessel, your body. We get into these vessels and can move in any direction we choose. Once again I asked how do my vessels feel unsafe? Paying attention to what was happening to this material object I dug deeper and came to a realization. I don’t feel entirely safe or protected.

Currently I am audio listening to the book Money, and the Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks. When you ask the universe to help you to find an answer to a question it does provide! While listening I began to understand what Esther was saying, “Since the universe works with the Law of Attraction, by you thinking those negative thoughts you are telling the universe that you do want that something you don’t want in your reality. When you begin to ask yourself what you do want also ask yourself what you want to feel when you do have that something in your life.” For example with my car I didn’t want my car to be damaged. Then I began changing my thoughts of what I don’t want to I want my car to be secure, protected. I told myself I want to feel that my car is safe when I leave it. I want to feel that my car will be in perfect condition when I come back. I now claim and use the affirmations I am safe, I am secure, I am protected, my vessel is safe, my vessel is secure, my vessel is protected, my car is safe, my car is secure, my car is protected.

Understanding where those negative thoughts come from are so important. It’s your subconscious telling you need healing in that area. It’s ok to be negative at times you just have to redirect your thoughts into a more positive aspect. You have to give credit to the negative and embrace it claiming that it is bringing you positive change. Something that works for me in times of low vibes is to play mantras, move my body, and really thank those thoughts and change them into what I want to feel.

There will definitely be more on this subject as I am going through the process of changing my vibration. 😉

Many blessings beings and happy healing!


Healing Crystals

7 Most Powerful Healing Crystals


This will take you to one of my favorite sites called Spirit Science. There they have many articles and my favorite are the videos packed with information. Thought this would be helpful for those who are need of their “starter pack” of crystals to help you activate energies within yourselves.

Whirl me around Universe

My life was in “go-mode” a rocket ship blasting off into space without looking back until the universe made me slow down. Out of no where, on a full moon, my car was hit while parked. It was so damaged that the other guy left his front bumper behind and my car un-drivable. I was so confused as to why this happened. I began to ask “Why did I create this for myself?” Even my ego jumped in giving me horrible advice but because of the patience I have been practicing and asking questions I began to think about all the reasons why this could have happened. I didn’t blame myself and I did not blame the man that hit me. What I became proud of is the fact I didn’t freak out. I had my emotions surface, feel them and then let go. Coming to a place of understanding that maybe I held space for that man who hit me to go through a growth. For me I realized it was about experiencing those emotions. “Why me?” but not taking it into a toxic thought whirlpool.


Not only did car get mangled but my ability to get around easily because that’s what I do most of the time is drive around and feel like I’m doing energy work where ever I travel to. Other things began to shift, my film editing work was lost after 4 hours of work, the insurance began to say they wouldn’t be able to cover it all, I even had a yeast infection, I began to have bad acne again, felt heavier than usual. WTF! BUT I was still going through life and having the most amazing experiences. When you’re in a mind set and using affirmations like “I love my life!” the universe still supports you.

I had to grow through each and everyone of those things to realize different aspects of myself that was being neglected. The car unfolded everything that led me to do a Tarot reading for myself and it evolved around the card Death, how perfect. The death of ego and just to add more to that was the Two Towers that surrounded my question of why this accident happened. I began to shift the way I was thinking or better yet, realizing how much I was not thinking about myself. Myself being what I NEED, a chance to settle down, slow down and ask myself what I wanted. My head was everywhere, I needed a re-balance. That’s why car accidents stand happen, to show that there is an imbalance within your life.

It’s been only a couple weeks since the accident and I feel as though I have healed some deep rooted issues that have been blocking me from my next chapter in life. What I needed was to take the time to heal myself, slow down, tell myself that everything will be ok, surrender, and trust this beautiful life.



The Change

I feel a deep shift within me. It all started when one reader asked me how I was and I didn’t have much to report. I typically do have something to say that Im working on because of my spiritual development, you’re continually working on things to help you grow and learn. She mentioned to me if you’re feeling lonely, depressed, or at a lost it’s probably because your old spirit guides are stepping back to have your new ones come in. At that moment it all made sense, I was wondering why I was feeling this type of longing in my life even though I was practicing something everyday, whether it be chanting, yoga, affirmations, reading, meditations it didn’t make sense why I was feeling so low. It was like my guides told me a message through her to let me know everything was going to be alright.

After that I began to feel more sad, crying at the littlest things until finally I wrote my guides a letter saying an official goodbye to have some sort of closure. The next day I felt more clear and ready to talk on things I haven’t thought of before. 

It’s like I graduated and it’s time for new teachers. I began to integrate the new guide’s energies. Different trips began to pop up, events I really wanted to go to began to come so easily. New friends who are like minded entered into my world. I even had to end my relationship with my best friend because of how clearly I began to recieve messages and recieve new energy from my new guides. My friend mentioned that when we seperate from a relationship it’s like saying bye to that old part of yourself. It just made sense even though it was so hard because he is so special to me. We now both know that, that was the best decision we could make for ourselves and our Divine path. I was so scared at first but my affirmation for the month was move into the fear, you can only grow. Plus the outcome was so much better than I ever could have imagined. 

So listen to that inner guidance, trust yourself and ask for help in big changes within your life.