Awareness of the Lesson

The power of presence and awareness. As I pulled a daily card I found myself getting irritated with this dog barking consistently while I was trying to integrate the cards message. What the message from the card was is to be the Inner Queen of peace harmony and compassion. I caught what was happening in my mind of frustration and instead of me following that trail I decided to send love, Reiki to this dog. Now for the past 20 minutes after I sent love, there is still no barking. So ask yourself how do I transform a situation when someone is yelling, or frustrated or anything like that into how to see their pain. Where they are at in that moment. Rather than what is happening on the surface. That’s how we can shift this place. No judgement, just honoring that person for where they are and send love to them.


Distant Attunements

Over the last year I had a friend ask if I did distant attunements. After I sat with it for a little I began to really feel the no space or time when it comes to healing because we are part of this universal energy force. With that being my main focus I decided I give it a try and truly believed it could happen.

When my first distance student began to cry feeling the unconditional love surrounding her after the attunement I knew for a fact it worked! Of course it did because it’s all about intention on both ends.

Later on she became interested in Reiki Second degree and mentioned she knew she had to step into the next degree because she walked into a store and a woman pointed out to her that she was surrounded by Reiki symbols.

This  article is also confirmation that others are practicing this because it is so needed in this time of change and expansion!

If you are ready to receive the beautiful ceremony of attunements then so shall you receive! Just believe❤