Awareness of the Lesson

The power of presence and awareness. As I pulled a daily card I found myself getting irritated with this dog barking consistently while I was trying to integrate the cards message. What the message from the card was is to be the Inner Queen of peace harmony and compassion. I caught what was happening in my mind of frustration and instead of me following that trail I decided to send love, Reiki to this dog. Now for the past 20 minutes after I sent love, there is still no barking. So ask yourself how do I transform a situation when someone is yelling, or frustrated or anything like that into how to see their pain. Where they are at in that moment. Rather than what is happening on the surface. That’s how we can shift this place. No judgement, just honoring that person for where they are and send love to them.


Working through my Throat Chakra

Why can’t people hear me? I feel like for the past few months and in past events that when I say something people don’t hear me clearly what I’m saying and misinterprets what I’m really trying hard to get across.

It’s been like this ever since I was a kid. How can I translate more clearly? How can I become aware of the energy flowing through me to deliver what I would like to speak about?

Yesterday I spoke truthfully from my heart to the woman I work for, that I would like to redirect how I work there because our communication on both ends are being misinterpreted.

What I’m just now realizing, is that she wants to create these situations of evidence to show her that other people are not as she wants them to be. She’s manifesting and attracting those to reflect her work because of how much stress she puts on herself. It’s constant and its toxic to be around. Somehow I wish to transform this situation, how can I translate into her language an easy way. Connect with her higher self first, meditate with her to let everything flow from the Divine Source of the highest good.

She is just a reflection of me. That is my medicine from all this. These are the lessons to show me where I need to redirect my energy.  How to stand up for myself and see where I put stress on my life. My solution is to meditate with all this information and be grateful and appreciative of the lessons learned. All the signs point to me leaving, it’s never about the money and now I can see how much energy it takes to be around this person. To me it outweighs the positive and the key to life is go with the flow, to be PRESENT, observe, surrender, and know when to take action.

Be WELL BEings, take care of yourself first.

Mission Statement


The biggest message that has been coming through for me is to narrow my vision, my dream, my values of what I would like to do in life.

I was looking outward to create rather than go internally to see the magnificent creations that are limitless. By doing this it allows one to create the vibration needed to attract what they need to move forward. BEing is the most powerful thing we can do, to know when to be still to get the messages and when to take action on them. The most important first step is to meditate on questions of what is the next step, then sitting in meditation to FEEL what living your dream would be like.

A mission statement should be read everyday in the AM and before bed which allows that vibration to be integrated in your subconscious that then starts to reflect and attract in the physical realm. So sit and ask yourself what do you want to bring into this world, how do you want to live your life? Then see how Spirit God Source Goddess Universe starts to work with you to create that dream.

Writing to find the answers

For many of my clients the main thing for them is wanting to understand some things, they are looking for answers.


The best answers come from our Higher Selves, our most Divine high vibrational parts of ourselves that love us unconditionally. They are the direct connection to Source, Spirit, God, Goddess, Universe, whatever you believe in. One way of hearing them, to get the right information rather than seek it in others, which can deter you from what you truly need, is to write. Only YOU know the deepest parts of yourself and you can access that through simply writing.

So first thing is to have a question. Create a space in where you feel is comfortable, quiet, like a meditation. Before you begin writing anything else write down write…

“I wish to commune only with the highest vibration, with my higher self and guides of the highest good.”

Then write down your question, sit there, breathing, imagining your connection with Spirit and feel what comes through. You may have an answer start to write itself out, or you could get an answer later on (later that day, later that week) but you will know the answer when it comes to you. It feels like an “aha!” moment and all will unfold.

Use writing in anything and everything that you do. It helps bring our nonphysical thoughts into this reality to get a clear thought.

Remember the power lies within you, tune in! 😉


Live in Flow and See The Miracles

Living in this awareness of being a creator is so simple yet so complex. This book, “The Book of Mastery” by Paul Selig is a channel of Melchizedek, a name heard in the Old Testament that blessed Abraham in the name of the God Most High. Story aside, this Melchizedek is a high vibrational entity if you need to label it like us humans do.


The book came to me after a lovely student and friend of mine recommended it to me. What really drew my attention to it was my life was changing when I started to hang out with this amazing artist collective of wonderful people and one artist in particular I grew very close to. She would tell me about her readings and mentioned plenty of times about the channeled texts of Melchizedek. During this time I also started to listen to Abraham Hicks, another channel that comes through a woman, which I now listen to almost everyday to remind me to stay in my vortex of receiving.  As I read this book it aligned perfectly to Abraham’s teachings. They flow so perfectly together as they share information of the abundance we all have access to, its our birth right to receive. It really depends on how you would like to receive depending on your perception of things.

The biggest lessons from both have completely shifted my life, helped me step out of my fear based programs and worries my parents passed onto me. Now I live “in alignment to truth” as Melchizedek would claim someone should affirm to themselves every day. I base my emotions on how my day will play out and becoming more of an observer of everyday interactions and change my emotions to be joyful, playful, receptive in order to attract more of what I put out.

What you put out is what you get, law of attraction, a universal law. Something that us light warriors are here to do. To reset the programs and to share the knowledge of limitlessness, abundance and prosperity. No longer do we have to live in this competitive world because we used to believe in lack of. The universe is INFINITE and so is everything else on this earth plane. There is more than enough for everyone, we are creators, we create more if we so desire.

So step into your self realization, to unconditional love, to ABUNDANCE in everything and everyone. As Melchizedek would say “see through the eyes of Christ consciousness,” you really do begin to see this world in a completely different way. Letting go of anger, worry, fear, jealously, and all denser emotions because you can see your “enemies” as teachers and love them for that. Everything because a form of abundance. Your lessons become a source of abundance and when we treat them so, the more we receive what we desire.

It’s quite beautiful to realize this gift and be free from the shackles we have put on ourselves for so many years. I highly recommend this book and Abraham’s teachings, there is so much more for all of us. All we have to do is shift our vibration, perspective, and be in flow to receive so much from Spirit, Source, Universe, God, Goddess, all there is because it is our destiny to rise our vibrations and make this Earth truly Heaven on Earth.

Be well!


Words Can Be Your Strongest Tool

Mindset concept in tag cloud

Words are incredibly powerful. You know that saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me?” Well think about a time where you were called a name or someone told you something about yourself that was painful, you still can reflect back on how you felt. You felt terrible, and in some ways you are still hurting from that. So in reality words can actually break someone. If you can feel how powerful those words were, then start to think about how powerful words can be. They shape our thoughts, our reality and can even change people’s ways of thinking through memorable speeches that we have witnessed over the past.

We are habitual beings and have been programmed to think a certain way. So for instance when you think about something over and over again throughout your day, you’re creating more of that problem or solution. How about if you switched that thought of, “Oh I can’t do this. I’m stressed. I don’t have enough time,” to “I have the power to do this. Everything will get easier. I have more than enough time.” This creates a new neural pathway for your brain to receive information thus creating a new pattern, a new vibration, and a positive outlook in your life. For me this has been such an incredible discovery and makes “magic” actually feel real!

For me personally when I started to realize how impactful my words were, my reality completely shifted.I read the book Positive Magic by Marion Weinstein that helped me understand this “magic.” I began to create affirmations for myself, writing down lists about the things I wanted to accomplish but stated them as if they have already happened. It’s another way of practicing Law of Attraction, claiming to the universe that this is your vibration so that it reciprocates that vibration.

One of my favorite affirmations or claims I say, especially in a moment of gratitude is “I LOVE MY LIFE,” and boy does the universe match that vibration of excitement! I began to receive more surprises, adventures, gifts and expansion of my thoughts. So take the time out of your day to just write down a few things you want in your life and rewrite them to say that you already have them. I guarantee something will shift in your life.

I love my life! I am a professional healer! I am teacher! I  am a filmmaker! I am prosperous!