November 29th 2017


Today I share my own personal feelings about this reading that is intentionally pulled for the reader, YOU. What I’m feeling for myself, may translate what you are feeling as well.
Feeling frustrated all damn day, I tried to run from the feeling, wanting to get out of this crazy vibration. But the key to heal your situation, my own situation, is to sit with that emotion. Be present with it because I asked for it. I asked Spirit, what feeling is my dis-ease stemming from, show me the emotion that wants to be transmuted. So here it is, I sit with it, being with it, there is resistance but tomorrow is another day and today is a gift, the truth is my gift. Unveiling my layers to more of my truth. Like the mask in the card, she is taking off the mask (label) that was placed on me since I was a child. My frustration stems from not being heard, understood, or seen as intelligent as a child.
Journal today “what belief is not true of my authentic being?”
“What emotion do I need to sit with to transmute, so that I may see more clearly my destiny?” ❣️I love you


November 28th 2017


💫As we are all in a transition, we are healing our divine feminine no matter what sexual orientation you associate with. It’s a time of feeling out sh*t. As we feel and move through the emotions we begin to birth something new. This year has been all about new beginnings as we continue to release what no longer serves from the past 9 years. When we do so much of that inner work we also need to remember to connect to Mother Earth, Gaia. She can bring us the clarity to create our destiny, what we passionately want to create in this world. Today, enjoy Mama Gaia.
Journal asking what is my true highest destiny? How can I bring my BEing into more balance with the Divine Feminine within?
I love you

November 27th 2017


The TRUTHS, the undeniable heartfelt truth that is from your highest source. It is our time to remember our higher truths, as mentioned yesterday, what are your truths and the untruths learned from society? Today nourish your soul by asking what you need to make you feel comfortable to understand the emotion that needs to be felt, released, or even realized. Your authentic self wants to shine through those dense emotions that are creating this haze around your brightest self. Love yourself fully today. Journal and write down the question “what can I do today to nourish my BEing so that I may see the authentic truth and release any emotion that wants to be recognized.” Then see what answer shows up for you.
I love you

November 26th 2017


If you haven’t already, notice that we are starting to learn what are our truths and what are the truths that were placed upon us growing up. We were told the words like “you are,” “you can’t,” and labels that our family or peers have told us what we are. These need to be unlearned. We are all questioning what is our passion, how to attain this creative force within to take the risks and make sh*t happen! We were trained to stay comfortable and to not break the “rules,” but are some of those “rules” true for you. Ask what are your truths and untruths; what your BEing is telling you and what society has told you. When we meditate we begin to listen to our hearts, our higher selves that may give us the confidence to get comfortable in the uncomfortable. This time and space we are being asked to show up, break free, and bring the change to this new world we all want to create, but in order to do that, get RISKY as you become more powerful in the true Divinity within you. I love you.

November 25th 2017


We are going through some tough lessons, especially over the past few weeks, or more like this whole year. These lessons are teaching us to become more balanced in everything we do, think, share, connect, eat, sleep, all the things. Today reflect on your year, feel how far you have come and see the balance that has been created up until this moment. We are all beginning to realize our passions, what makes our souls set on fire and following that heart space desire. We need you to become your true higher selves to bring more balance to this world. So when you are in a stagnant, “stuck” moment, find the lesson, see where you can bring more balance into your thoughts. Take a step back, change your perspective and seek the lesson that is being presented before you. Ask, what is my lesson? All things change, all things will pass only if you allow it, when you realize your passion and are a balanced observer. I love you.

November 24th 2017

IMG_4551Surrender to the Flow

Today’s Readings for YOU. 🧙‍♀️ Ask Spirit, the Universe, God, Goddess, All there is, to guide you today. Feeling where to flow next. The expectations can hinder our ability to experience the endless possibilities of even more delicious magnitude than imagined. So flow today, feel the heartbeat of your own Divinity. Trust that you will be where you need to be, the present, a gift. 🎁
I love you

November 23rd 2017


As we’re surrounded by our families today or thinking of them, we are reminded of some of the triggers, the shadows.
🌟 I ask you, can you see the programs, limitations, the complaints our parents unintentionally passed to us? How can you be more child like, more innocent, joyful. Remember how playful your imagination was and still is. We could create these magnificent stories, so let’s create them once again without the labels. Look past our limitations that were once placed around us. Become that faerie, magician, mermaid, knight, king, queen, astronaut, anything and everything, the unlimited possibilities with just imagination. ✨Happiness and inner peace depend on a relationship in gratitude and love to the service of something greater than the material world. So let it be.

I love you

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