As my Body evolves so do my thoughts

Getting more in tune with myself and nature I find myself working harder whenever I’m surrounded by nature. I also begin to tune into the question of why comparing? Why does comparison happen at almost every moment? I want to be more in the now and acceptance of how I am thus far.
At the gym I feel more of the masculine energy especially since there is metal everywhere and i’m surrounded by men looking at themselves. When I workout in nature I feel more connected to my body. I also have more exploration of thoughts when I’m out there.
Finding the balance and giving my body what it needs is the most important thing to me right now so here is ME and another one of my expressions.


Making a Move

After going on a trip to Palm Springs by myself I had realizations and information continuously being moved through me.

It’s so important to have those times with yourself at least for me to understand the thoughts that are coming to me. I began to realize that I need to stop hiding and worrying about what others might think of my thoughts. If I am a pure expression of Spirit (God, Source, Universe, etc) then I should have no shame in expanding my expression to others. To help others realize their full potential.

I ask the universe to be spiritual teacher some day and my message was so clear when I was with myself…to share my knowledge!

So now here I am, my full authentic self. Letting go of the outcome and expressing my thoughts. As long as someone thinks it’s valuable in thier own truths, even if that someone is me then let me continue to expand myself and others.