WOAH, everyone’s core issues are out!

conscious-shiftImage by Christa Alexis

Did you feel that?! The past couple of months have been very challenging for many. Everywhere I turn it seems like relationships are falling apart. I recently went through a challenging breakup myself because we both still love each other yet something deep down was telling us we needed to be on our own separate paths. Once we seperated we accomplished so much individually and didn’t have this resentment hanging out in our subconscious.  The feminine energy is getting more powerful and people are feeling more pulled towards their Divine path. This could be triggering the relationship dynamic in not only love but in many other relationships.

Core issues are being brought up so we may release them and no longer continue that pattern if we are ready to. Not only was this shift in energy affecting my love life but also at job, my family and my friends. It’s coming up to the surface so that we can change what is no longer serving us. So many people are saying and feeling that they are stuck, yet they are being pushed more than ever to get things done. So what does this mean? Why do we feel like this, in this weird limbo of wanting to do things yet not finding the time or energy to do so? Well to me I feel it is though subconsciously and multidimensionally we are realizing our own true powers of being our authentic selves. We are letting go of past traumas and fears and stepping into a new cleaner reality. We must keep shining! No matter how chaotic it may seem come back to your breath and realize your true potential. Taking the time to place things in order for manifestations will have the outcome be exactly what you want. Feel yourself in the relaxed state of being completely satisfied with what you want to accomplish and create the same vibration as if you were living in that goal oriented moment.

The invisible world is preparing us for greatness if we choose to stay positive and are balanced. Don’t be too hard on yourself is the main message I am receiving from all my card readings as well as everything is in Divine timing, let it flow. Mail your letting to the universe of what you want rather than holding onto it.

Much love and light to you beautiful beings!



Author: Crystalline Healings

Bringing awareness to the smallest things that affect our everyday lives.

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