The Change

I feel a deep shift within me. It all started when one reader asked me how I was and I didn’t have much to report. I typically do have something to say that Im working on because of my spiritual development, you’re continually working on things to help you grow and learn. She mentioned to me if you’re feeling lonely, depressed, or at a lost it’s probably because your old spirit guides are stepping back to have your new ones come in. At that moment it all made sense, I was wondering why I was feeling this type of longing in my life even though I was practicing something everyday, whether it be chanting, yoga, affirmations, reading, meditations it didn’t make sense why I was feeling so low. It was like my guides told me a message through her to let me know everything was going to be alright.

After that I began to feel more sad, crying at the littlest things until finally I wrote my guides a letter saying an official goodbye to have some sort of closure. The next day I felt more clear and ready to talk on things I haven’t thought of before. 

It’s like I graduated and it’s time for new teachers. I began to integrate the new guide’s energies. Different trips began to pop up, events I really wanted to go to began to come so easily. New friends who are like minded entered into my world. I even had to end my relationship with my best friend because of how clearly I began to recieve messages and recieve new energy from my new guides. My friend mentioned that when we seperate from a relationship it’s like saying bye to that old part of yourself. It just made sense even though it was so hard because he is so special to me. We now both know that, that was the best decision we could make for ourselves and our Divine path. I was so scared at first but my affirmation for the month was move into the fear, you can only grow. Plus the outcome was so much better than I ever could have imagined. 

So listen to that inner guidance, trust yourself and ask for help in big changes within your life.