Journaling is so important in every aspect of your life

FullSizeRenderThe act of writing can help ones thought come into the physical form. That’s the first step of intention. I began writing in a journal when I first started getting into mediation. Writing down what I experienced has helped me see my progress with my third eye. Also writing down what you want to manifest during the new moon or writing what you would like to release during the full moon has helped those thoughts come to fusion.

My good friend has told me about the time she wrote down a list of everything she sought for in a lover. Her now boyfriend has all those qualities she was looking for.

Words are so powerful and when you trust in your own words, the more powerful you become.

This was a great article on why journaling is important!

Write on you dreamers!


Author: Crystalline Healings

Bringing awareness to the smallest things that affect our everyday lives.

One thought on “Journaling is so important in every aspect of your life”

  1. Natashia, I am so impressed with your blog! I love your entire website, the design, the truth you’re sharing, and the warmth in which you speak to the world. Your words and advice are so valuable for us! Thank you, sparkling star!
    Namaste 💫


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